Old School RuneScape introduces item changes and a points-based system for combat achievements


It’s time for Poll 79’s quality-of-life features to arrive in Old School RuneScape, and that means a new system for combat achievements that’s based on points instead of… whatever it was based on previously. That old system doesn’t matter now. It’s all about points, and it’s apparently what players want.

Under this new system, tasks have their own individual point total that’s equivalent to their tier, with harder tasks (obviously) being worth more points. Jagex notes this update has a variety of benefits, primarily the fact that combat achievement rewards can now be earned by doing combinations of activities instead of clearing a specific tier.

On top of the new cheevo system, this patch adds more Poll 79 updates that change several different items. In summary, the Abyssal Lantern is now less reliant on RNG to work and can be directly purchased from an NPC, the Looting Bag can also be purchased directly, and two Trouver Parchments can drop from Wilderness Slayer targets. The patch has also made several general updates and added more storage to the Chambers of Xeric.

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