Star Wars The Old Republic unveils GU 7.3 Old Wounds in time for Star Wars Day


Star Wars fans readying their sabers for May the Fourth have something tangible to look forward to thanks to Star Wars The Old Republic. BioWare devs delivered details about the game’s 7.3 update on a stream this evening, starting with the news that it’s called Old Wounds and sends players back to Voss in a new area dubbed the Interpreter’s Retreat.

The update will also include a new optional solo-or-group Flashpoint – Shrine of Silence – with multiple nasty bosses, more PvP changes (and the next season coming in July), efforts on the Credit Economy Initiative, and the return of the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event.

“In Voidstar, we increased the points defenders and attackers get for defeating the players near the doors. In Novare Coast, we’re adding in points for defeating players near the objectives and increasing the defender points gained for guarding an objective. In Huttball maps, players will gain increased points for defeating players near endzones, increased points gained when defeating the ball carrier, and when the team scores the entire team will be rewarded for the score.”

“We will also be running a Double XP event and a 50%of Collection Sale beginning May 4th and ending May 18th!” the studio says, and there’s also a minipet on offer. The update is expected on the test server “in the coming days.”

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