New World begins testing Blood of the Sands seasonal update


While the fight for the attention span of gamers is crazy intense this June, there are few who are gunning to take the honors in July. New World hopes to gain more than a few interested souls when it comes out with its second season on July 6th. And hey, if you don’t have anything better to do this weekend, you can get an advance look at it on the public test realm.

That’s right: Blood of the Sand is on the PTR right now with “new PvP activities, narratives, and a massive sand wurm.” The patch also contains the next reward track for the game as well as a pretty intense story that involves a mysterious mega-creature and a shadowy group looking to secure the critter’s eggs.

Amazon said that it’ll be testing Season 2 over the course of three waves, with the initial one handling a bulk of the content (including the reward track, 3v3 arena, and new trials), the second one exploring the Sandworm Trial and Siege of Sulfur, and the final one looking at Cross-World OPR.

Source: Steam
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