Survival sim Nightingale teases new character outfits and points of interest


Are we still smarting a bit that Victorian survival RPG Nightingale was bumped to this fall? A bit, if we’re honest, but that extra time allows us to whet our appetite for this unique-looking title even more. And that’s going to be helped in part by the latest behind-the-scenes development blog that came out this past week.

It’s really more of a bits-and-bobs post, showing off videos of creatures leaving footprints, the revelation that the genuinely terrifying harpies now can fly, character outfits, and some new points of interest to behold.

“The team has been working hard to keep the Realms looking and feeling lived in,” the studio said. “Not just by current Realmwalkers but also by those that came before by adding more points of interest.”

Source: Nightingale
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