Dungeons and Dragons Online releases limited-time supporter pack bundles for its cash shop


We don’t typically highlight cash shop items exclusively as their own story, but the arrival of some new items to the Dungeons and Dragons Online cash shop are worth some notice. Specifically, the game has released limited-time bundles, which are the first of some new planned supporter packs releases.

The Underdark Patron Coffers that are on offer come in three different variations, each one packing together bank storage, a pet, cosmetic items, and a panther mount, depending on which coffer is purchased. These bundles are available only between now and June 28th, with their arrival making up the bulk of the latest release along with some bug fixes.

As mentioned earlier, this is the first of several “supporter packs” that DDO plans to release, which are described by the devs as a way for players to get unique items and support (natch) the game’s development. The related FAQ points out a few important things, like the fact that packs can only be purchased one time per account, though most of the items in a pack are account-wide. Both articles answer some potential player questions, so it might be worthwhile to read up if you are planning on buying in. Hey, at least it’s not lootboxes.

source: official site (1, 2, 3), thanks to DDO Central for the tip!
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