New World recounts Season 1’s feature set ahead of the release of Season 2


In what is probably one of the weirder victory laps in MMO gaming, Amazon Games has elected to condense the features of Season 1 of New World, pitching and recounting what it brought to the table days before July 6th’s launch of Season 2.

Of course, some of Season 1’s content is going to stay relevant through the upcoming season, such as mutators arriving for the Empyrian Forge expedition, revamps for the Weaver’s Fen and Brightwood story quests, and the Fire Storm heartrune, but other features like seasonal challenges and the season’s battle pass will obviously cycle forward next week.

To that point, Amazon is reminding players that time is running out for those affairs, but it also wants to provide a Season 1 retrospective – a season that our NW columnist Tyler found to be an overall disappointment.

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