Black Desert’s exec producer says expansion’s response was ‘beyond what [Pearl Abyss] could have hoped for’


While truly well-made and -rounded expansions are an uncommon sight in the MMO genre, rarer still is the development team that enthusiastically thanks players for embracing the content with gusto. But that’s the sort of wholesome approach that Black Desert Executive Producer Jaehee Kim took by penning a heartfelt letter to the community this past week in response to the reception of June’s Land of the Morning Light expansion.

“We were worried about how you, our adventurers, would receive this unfamiliar story,” Jaehee Kim wrote. “Yet your response was beyond what we could have hoped for.” He went on to say that feedback “provided us with newfound experiences and insights” and that the team would continue to incorporate community feedback into upcoming patches.

Massively OP’s Carlo gave some impressions of Land of the Morning Light, saying that he was impressed that the studio went outside of its comfort zone with this expansion’s design.

Source: Twitter
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