The Daily Grind: Have you ever run MMO dungeons with a one-class group?


A few weeks ago, MOP’s Colin mentioned that he’s fond of Guild Wars 2 strikes specifically because there’s no gear requirement or meta rules, so they’re great for helping people new to the game. While his guild is focused on gearing people for endgame and teaching folks the ropes of the high-end content, they also have fun with no-meta-allowed strike night with (for example) all-Mesmer crews.

I haven’t seen a lot of these themed groups in a long time, so I wanted to talk about them. I remember them a lot in City of Heroes (eight Defenders smashing through everything), World of Warcraft (full raids of Paladins), and Guild Wars 1 too. But not lately! Sure, they are gimmicky and silly, but also they wreck the idea that content in all these games need a traditional or modern class trinity to function.

Have you ever run MMO dungeons with a one-class group?

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