ARK Survival Ascended finalizes the player-created creature coming to its Aberration map


The community engagement continues in ARK: Survival Ascended. Readers might remember that Studio Wildcard kicked off a mid-July player-created creature contest that offered a chance for someone’s homegrown monster to be added to ASA’s Aberration map. That contest has since wrapped up, the voting has been tabulated, and we have an official winner.

The new creature headed for Aberration is the Yi Qi, a gliding dinosaur that’s based on a creature that existed during the late Jurassic period in what is now China. Proposed abilities for this colorful critter include a debuffing mark placed on targets that are shot by its feathers, the ability to have its feathers covered in a variety of different poisons, and the ability to field a Tek saddle that stabilizes its dashes and give it a parry skill.

While this crafted creature has been nailed down, another opportunity for players to make an Ascended dinosaur is coming soon, with another similar contest being prepared for The Center map in the coming weeks. Details on when that will begin are promised soon.

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