TERA Console recycles its existing dungeons and makes tweaks to items and equipment


The last surviving version of TERA continues to put out updates, with its latest one makes the Catalepticon an open dungeon and reopens the Cursed Antaroth Abyss. Both dungeons are accessible to characters at equipment level 465 and 470 respectively, and both can be entered only one time per day.

The rest of the patch mostly applies a number of smaller adjustments overall: Guardian mission XP has been increased, certain gear items have had their benefits changed, superior stigma items have seen an overall buffing, and stats for Kaia’s Fury accessories have been tweaked. It’s not a very sizeable update as these things go now, but it is something for those who might still be playing this much quieter MMORPG; readers might remember that the PC version was taken down by Bluehole last year.

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