Black Desert PC changes Sea Palace activities, adjusts classes, and bids summer farewell with new events


While we’re only entering the month of September and the weather mostly disagrees with the notion on our portion of the globe, the summer season is indeed drawing to a close from a calendar standpoint, which is reason enough for Black Desert to bid a fond farewell to summer with a couple of events for PC players.

These events arrive in the form of a 100% item drop rate boost and the opportunity to gather a special summer seal currency from monsters, fishing, and gathering. This currency can be spent on an item box with various materials and the chance at additional goodie bags. The drop rate event runs until September 6th, while the summer seal event runs until September 13th.

As for the rest of the MMORPG’s latest patch, that’s headlined with some targeted class adjustments for the Lahn in PvP and the succession Warrior in PvE. Another major portion of the patch shuffles around the activities within the underwater Sea Palace, as several events are closed and new character quests come online. The patch also adds more Old Moon furniture, allows multiple boxes to be opened, adjusts the behavior of Garmoth during a certain phase of the fight, and introduces a new way to acquire knowledge of Muiquun.

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