World of Warcraft’s Fury Incarnate is out with Dreamsurges and heroic Dawn of the Infinite


Blizzard is absolutely ragin’ – that is, Fury Incarnate went live for World of Warcraft’s retail version last night. As promised, the update includes the continuation of Dragonflight’s storyline, new heritage armor, the new Dreamsurge public event, heroic-tier Dawn of the Infinite, the new ping system, new customization options for three core races, and multiple holiday and recurring events.

“Defend the land against the Primal Incarnates as they rally forces to claim the power of the World Tree, face the onslaught brought on by the Druids of the Flame in a new public event—Dreamsurges, honor the legacy of the undead and night elves with the new Forsaken and Night Elf Heritage Armor sets, band together to battle the Infinites to preserve Azeroth’s timeline in Heroic Dawn of the Infinite, and more,” Blizz writes. “Also, mark your calendars; beginning September 12, follow Velen’s prophecy to reveal a new future for some of the draenei people.”

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