Palia’s open beta releases new Temple of the Flames content, skins, recipes, and crops


Palia’s patch 0.168 may have an unassuming number designation, but there are some blazing sparks in the cozy MMO’s latest open beta release, and we didn’t choose those words accidentally.

“Fire up your PC and keep an eye on a thermometer because Palia is turning up the heat with today’s Temple of the Flames release,” Singularity 6 says. “Palians planning to spice up their in-game lives can expect a bevy of new content, including crops, housing decor, Zeki’s Wondrous Machine items, friendship opportunities, a fiery temple to explore, and more.”

That fiery temple is The Temple of the Flames itself, a new environment with new quests, puzzles, recipes and a maze. Do note that you’ll have to finish the Vault of the Waves questline first before the Temple content is accessible. Gardeners are set to have fun with new corn and pepper seeds too; once you harvest all that, you can whip up 10 new recipes using the ingredients.

S6 reminds gamers that it has more on deck for beta, including “new Temples, quests, villagers, Adventure Zones, and more.”

Source: Official site, press release
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