World of Warcraft PvP ‘kick macro’ exploit sends Blizzard scurrying to fix it


The competitive scene in World of Warcraft is, well, fairly competitive, and players often look for any edge they can get over the competition. One tool that many have been using to get this edge is a “kick bot” macro — an assisted ability that fires off interrupts against enemy cast times.

As one player said, “Every day I meet these cool guys who do 27 kicks in the arena and grounding all my important spells. They continue to play and no action is taken against them. Is it possible to get some feedback? Or is the use of auto bot rotation allowed in this game?”

This isn’t a new issue for World of Warcraft’s PvP arena, but it looks like it’s coming to a head after increasing complaints by players frustrated at this cheeseball tactic. Yesterday, Blizzard posted that it’s investigating the issue and “will take appropriate steps to address it as soon as possible.”

Source: Twitter, Wowhead
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