New World offers advice for newbies, returnees, PvE, and PvP players heading into Rise of the Angry Earth


Amazon’s New World has two chunks of news for players eager to head into Aeternum before the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in October.

First, the studio released a guide for new and returning players with tips from influencers, some of which are actually pretty handy. For example, the YouTubers suggest ignoring side quests and focusing on the main storyline, testing out the updated weapon sets, don’t worry about picking the “wrong” faction as a PvE player, don’t stress about your guild, gather as much as possible, and consider restarting a new character to relearn the game and take advantage of the faster leveling – and impending leap in vertical progression.

Second, Amazon’s David Verfaillie sat down for another Balance of Power video, this one focused on gear (as the PTR for the expansion hasn’t been up long enough for the studio to have useful metrics from it yet). Verfaille also has advice for players trying to gear up for PvE and PvP. For PvE, core quest content and the storymode dungeons will get players to around 685, with the harder endgame expeditions and open-world bosses dropping higher. And for PvPers, PvP content itself will get players to 700.

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