Ryzom 2 is a version of the open-source MMO with RTS mechanics that seeks crowdfunding

It's an honor just to be nominated, maybe.

If you were thinking that the open-source MMO Ryzom was missing a dash of RTS gameplay, then you might be riding the same brain wave as Tiphsah, Inc., which has opened a Kickstarter for a proposed Ryzom 2. And we do mean “proposed” in the strongest sense, as the crowdfunding page is extremely thin on actual details and the elevator pitch video literally calls it “basically Ryzom 2.”

The overall thrust of this new version of the classic title is the addition of RTS-like ordering of NPCs, corporations, or other players. Tiphsah Inc. reasons that this addition will encourage more emergent gameplay, while the ability to command NPCs means Ryzom 2 is “designed to be profitable even if not that many players play the game.” This will apparently be done through the use of AI generation, which is leveraged “to look at new ways of doing business and being creative.”

The rest of the proposal appears to otherwise recount the wider story of Ryzom itself in what comes off as an attempt to pad a word count requirement, while its “risks and challenges” section is focused on relocating staff. The project seeks $25K to make the game, with $36 raised so far, which seems to suggest people are keeping a wary distance from this very loose-looking idea. And that might be for the best.

source: Kickstarter, thanks to Lunar for the tip!
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