Projekt Z Beyond Order is a co-op FPS where players get to kill Nazi zombies

And much like a zombie, it rose from a dead Kickstarter


There’s something about FPS games and an alt-history WWII where the Nazis muck around with the undead that just seems to go hand-in-hand. We can’t fathom why. Regardless, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys this trope and would like to play that kind of game with others, then you might be interested to learn about Projekt Z: Beyond Order.

Projekt Z: Beyond Order follows a diverse crew of soldiers, each with their own unique abilities, as they brave a mission to unravel the secrets of an unspeakable Nazi experiment on a lush, remote island. Discover covert schemes related and unrelated to “Projekt Z” – a plan formulated by the Nazis to turn zombies into weapons to shift the war in their favor.”

Projekt Z comes from German indie developer 314 Arts, which first pitched the game idea in a Kickstarter in April 2022 before cancelling the drive in May of that year. At the time, the studio claimed that it was “in a lot of talks” about the title’s future, which led to 314 Arts announcing a publishing deal with Modus Games last month.

The shooter starts players at an expandable hideout where items can be crafted and missions can be launched, while missions are part of a wider story arc that will have a definitive end point. Clearing missions will have an effect on later missions such as a new enemy discovery proliferating to later excursions, while items for crafts and NPCs to recruit can also be found. Projekt Z will also feature a wave survival mode for those who just want to blast the undead for as long as possible.

Launch timing for Projekt Z is still not tied down, but 314 aims to launch it on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, with cross-platform play confirmed. An FAQ offers more details, and a pre-alpha gameplay trailer that debuted at the Fear Fest convention earlier this month awaits below.

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