New World talks up Rise of the Angry Earth’s Savage Divide dungeon in latest video


As fans of New World know, First Light is going to return as the transformed Elysian Wilds with the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. That means new sights, new enemies, new quests, and as the latest Forged in Aeternum video discusses, a new expedition in the form of the Savage Divide.

The devs discuss a bit of the expedition’s backstory, which sees players plumbing the delve in order to take out a beast lord mammoth who has retreated into the Divide in a fit of madness. The devs also talk about the art design for the expedition, pointing out how each of the area’s beast types are represented within the dungeon in terms of art, as well as the multiple viable paths players can take, a secret hiding within the instance, and the creature-focused combat mechanics.

Rise of the Angry Earth is scheduled to arrive next week on Tuesday, October 3rd, so players who are eager to see more of the new expedition before then have a video to watch after the break.

source: YouTube
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