Realm of the Mad God Season 8 brings a tavern brawl mini-dungeon, new battle pass, and new crucible


It’s time for a new season in the bullet hell dungeon crawling MMORPG Realm of the Mad God, and this season has a little something different when it comes to new dungeons: a fight inside of a particularly violent tavern.

The appropriately named Tavern mini-dungeon will pit players against pugnacious patrons in several mini-boss fights before taking on the brawly barkeep directly. Rewards within the dungeon follow a similar pub theme, such as the Brewer’s Bangle, the Double Vision Darts, or the Cask Corslet. This dungeon can be accessed via a drop from the Beer God, which will incidentally spawn twice as much in order to offer up more chances for a bar brawl.

Other updates for Season 8 proper include wider access to missions for all characters instead of just seasonal characters, a refreshed battle pass themed around Oryxtober, and a new Glass Cannon crucible that ramps up ranged damage and rate of fire but also makes characters softer targets. The patch notes provide all of the details.

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