Embers Adrift encourages new and lapsed players to login for its first anniversary


Embers Adrift is going to be marking its first anniversary this month, and the devs at Stormhaven Studios would really, really like players to hop online to mark the occasion. CM Elloa talked up the fact that Embers has no subscription fee and will be running a free weekend, but otherwise the devs have been mum on details, simply saying that there are surprises in store and that the Halloween event from last year will be back “but better.”

Elloa takes great pains to urge new players, lapsed players, and invested players with interested friends to get in-game during the month of October. It’s in the spirit of encouraging new and lapsed players to come together that she’s created a dungeon schedule to help coordinate scheduled dungeon runs via a Google spreadsheet. “Organizing ourselves more efficiently, being proactive and organizing events will help active players to spent a good time together and that may bring back some friends,” Elloa reasons in the post.

Finally, Elloa takes a moment to consider a player’s suggestion to add an alliance feature that will let guilds of varying sizes come together under a single banner. Elloa confirmed that Embers will not include a multi-guild feature, but she does agree that the idea has merit, and suggests that an alliance chat channel that players can opt in to could be created.

source: YouTube
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