Pirate101 releases Sinbad Chapter 3, declaring ‘We’re back!’ as the game turns 11 years old

'Multiple major updates' in the works


Don’t ever count a pirate out of the fight before you see the white flag! Despite seeing a content drought in previous years, Pirate101 is churning out more story content in 2023 while looking to a brighter future. Indeed, KingsIsle releases Sinbad Chapter 3: Wheels within Wheels this week with some new tales and rewards:

“KingsIsle Entertainment today announced the release of Pirate101’s latest update, Sinbad Chapter 3: Wheels within Wheels. The new update features the return of old companions and enemies, as well as an entirely new story chapter, reviving the main story of Pirate101.

“This update also adds the “trashiest” new weapons around – complete with new unique powers and better stats. From a long-range wand that comes with a dangerously toxic power, to a sneaky strike that’ll leave your enemies at a loss as to who or what they were hit with. Who knew a moldy sandwich (this sandwich is NOT fit for consumption), or broken stop sign could be so effective? Weapons aren’t the only treasures found in these sewers! Players can also acquire 3 unique sets of hats, robes and shoes with powerful and desirable abilities.”

The studio used this patch to declare that content updates are now the new normal. “We’re BACK!” KingsIsle said. “The main storyline is continuing, and Pirates can expect to see multiple major updates next year.”

It all arrives just as the game is planning its 11th birthday party; the studio promises “special in-game offers” as well as “in-game festivities, a brand new plushie and new retail card.”

And speaking of and to the future of Pirate101 is a recent dev roundtable that attempted to hype up the community, saying that the plan for 2024 is, quote, “more.”

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