Wayfinder looks to 2024 for free-to-play launch and a new weapon type


Have you been waiting for Wayfinder to hit free-to-play before jumping on board? Then you might be waiting a bit longer than originally expected, as this week’s “Wayfinder Wednesday” missive indicates that that the title is “moving into free-to-play next year” rather than late 2023. This makes sense as in August, Airship Syndicate told early access purchasers that it wanted to run through two full founder’s seasons before pulling the trigger on F2P, but now we have even more confirmation.

In the meantime, the online RPG is riding high off of this week’s Call of the Void patch and hinted at other upcoming projects. A brief Q&A portion indicated that seasonal items, a Senja rebalance, and even a new weapon type are in the works.

“The team currently has our next weapon type in active development and we hope to unveil it to you all after Wayfinder moves into free-to-play next year,” the studio said.

Another topic of discussion was whether or not the studio will raise the accessories cap of 100. Right now, it doesn’t look like this is planned, but Airship Syndicate said that “it is definitely not off the table.”

Source: Wayfinder
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