Star Wars: The Old Republic will host a livestream on October 18 for update 7.4


If you were dreading the possibility that Star Wars: The Old Republic was just going to coast along under Broadsword’s management, well, there’s a livestream coming up soon with your name on it. A new announcement on the official site from Broadsword president Rob Denton and SWTOR executive producer Keith Kanneg both encourages fans that Broadsword looks forward to supporting SWTOR through its ongoing development and gives a hint of what’s coming next in update 7.4.

“I’m thrilled that the SWTOR team has joined Broadsword,” Denton says. “During my time at BioWare, I worked on the game (and closely with the team) for several years and helped support the 2011 launch, so it’s very near to my heart.”

“Keith Kanneg, as the Executive Producer, sets the vision for the game, and he’ll continue to maintain the relationship with Lucasfilm Games and Electronic Arts. Keith and I will work closely together to ensure that SWTOR continues to grow, thrive and be the amazing game that you all love. […] I see a very bright future for SWTOR and our plans are already starting to take shape for new and exciting things. I have always been fond of SWTOR, and I look forward to seeing what this amazing team will create and continue to build upon in the years to come.”

Kanneg himself doesn’t tease much of the content, but he does announce that a full livestream on October 18th at 2:30 p.m. EDT will reveal a great deal of what’s coming after a couple months of working hard to migrate the game and migrate over to cloud servers. So tune in about a week from now and see what’s coming next for the game. Maybe it’ll even include a new dress-up minigame for your droids! (But probably not.)

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