Elite Dangerous’ Frontier Developments readies a round of layoffs


It certainly seems like we’ve in the thick of layoff season right now, what with Epic Games, Twitch, and Cryptic all letting personnel go over the past couple months. Adding to that list this week is Frontier, which announced its intention to layoff an unknown number of employees.

The Elite Dangerous developer told its investors that it was “reshaping” the company by cutting annual operating costs by up to 20% and letting go redundant positions. The main cause for the financial downturn was the underperformance of the 2023 release of F1 Manager.

It remains to be seen how much — if at all — this will affect the Elite Dangerous development team, or whether players would even notice if it does, given the game’s ever-slowing cadence over the last two years, but it’s certainly a cause for concern to those who work there and those who play these games.

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