Dungeons and Dragons Online readies a community-wide challenge and a Deck of Many Curses


The latest batch of adventures went up on the Dungeons and Dragons Online test server this week. But if you were expecting the same-old, same-old, then think again: Standing Stone Games is gearing up to challenge the full DDO community to access the new dungeons in the first place.

“Get ready for a special, time-limited event debuting with Update 63! The entire community will be challenged to work together to unlock these quests. More details will come as we get closer to the U63 launch at the end of the month,” the studio said.

Update 63 includes four new quests, 12 named items, and a special “Deck of Many Curses” that can be used to, um, curse your equipment? That sounds a bit counter-productive, but there must be an upshot to that other than pure masochism.

Source: DDO
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