Monsters & Memories hires four new devs and improves game performance


After a couple months of quiet, indie MMO Monsters & Memories has emerged to deliver an update regarding its progress. Niche Worlds Cult reports that it has hired on four new developers to the team, including an environmental artist and game designer, and has been improving the performance of the title to deliver higher FPS.

Other projects that the team has tackled over August and September include “almost fully working” boats, guild creation and chat, Dwarves and Goblins on the character select screen, and continued work on the Tel Ekir and Sungreet Strand areas. Niche Worlds said that it’s also tackling a website redesign that should be coming “soon.”

As an added treat, the team shared gobs of new concept art and posted a preview of the music for Tel Ekir, which you can listen to below:

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