Palia has launched European servers, and yes, you still play cross-region


Open beta social sandbox MMO Palia officially takes up residence on the Epic Games Store today, but there’s bigger news for playability is the new European servers.

“Supporting EU servers and being on the Epic Games Store is a major milestone for us, and we hope these steps bring us one step closer to being a game everyone across the world can enjoy,” Singularity 6 says.

“Allowing players to connect and play together from all across the world is a big goal of ours. You are absolutely welcome to play with friends regardless of region, and our automatic matchmaker system will accommodate for this accordingly to best keep everyone on the same server. Social information such as your friends’ online status, being able to chat with them, form parties with them, or sync to one another will be the same as it is now, and is not separated by region or servers.”

Do note that the studio says it wants to support more regions and languages but wants to do it properly. There’s not a whole lot more to the patch beyond cosmetics and bug fixes, but S6 does promise the next two patches will be “pretty hearty” by comparison. “One thing we are committed to is servicing Palia for many years to come,” the team promises.

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