Mortal Online 2 looks for feedback and trailer footage from its Unreal Engine 5 test

Sure, why not, right?

The Mortal Online 2 test server for its Unreal Engine 5 upgrade has ended, and now the game wants you. Yes, you, specifically, assuming you took part in the testing. Along with a notification that the test server is now wrapped up, the developers have put out an call for feedback via questionnaire for everyone who participated. That will help the team on further development as it gets addressed, which makes for a better time for everybody as the update gets rolled out. Everyone wins, other than people who love bugs and performance hiccups.

But that’s not all the team wants from you; they also want your footage, if it’s available. Yes, any game footage you captured on the test realm could make it into an official UE5 trailer for the game, so if you captured video check out the guidelines to submit and gain video immortality. Just make it the best you can and they’ll handle the rest (although if it’s too small you should hold off).

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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