Star Wars: The Old Republic starts testing Update 7.4 – but not the GTN overhaul


Star Wars: The Old Republic fans are buckling on their lightsabers and holstering their blasters in anticipation of jumping into the next story adventure of this MMO. After talking up Chains in the Dark in a livestream earlier this month, Broadword put the content update on the test server yesterday for players to explore.

Game Update 7.4 continues the Mandalorian-focused story as it takes players back to Ord Mantell for a new area. With this phase of the testing process, the studio is focusing on the new FR3-D0M world boss, the daily missions at Kessan’s Landing, and the gearing changes.

However, this test won’t be covering everything: “The [Galactic Trade Network] overhaul is not ready to be tested during this PTS phase. Auctions cannot be created on the GTN, so players should not be testing this feature until we release another PTS patch […] We intend on having at least one other iteration of 7.4 PTS to be made available for you all so you can see the changes made to the GTN.”

Source: SWTOR
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