Loftia checks in with progress on crafting, gathering, infrastructure, and dev tools


The cozy solarpunk “medium-ly multiplayer” Loftia might have been quiet, but it’s most definitely not been idle if the November progress report from developer Qloud Games is any indication, as it offers up updates on gameplay, backend systems, and community initiatives that can best be described as “chonky.”

In terms of gameplay, the post provides a close look at the “core mechanic” of salvaging materials and recycling discarded items, concept progress on cooking food (tamago sushi confirmed), the implementation of a basic NPC friendship system, and a look at a wide variety of UI features including a logbook, a global quest progress window, and the crafting UI. Of course there’s at least one multiplayer peek as well, like confirmation of community and rooftop farming.

A lot of work has been done on the backend side of things as well, such as an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.3, work on a Linux build, integration with Hathora to let Qloud spool up servers rapidly, and architecture creation for data-driven gameplay systems that promises to let the studio “very easily add content like quests, crafting recipes, items and everything else to the game.”

The post doesn’t have any timeline for testing or other release windows yet, but it closes by promising to keep players up-to-date on features for both the gameplay and infrastructure side, along with continued community events. “[W]hile it might be difficult for us to share everything right now, trust that our team is working hard to deliver the best gaming experience we can build,” closes the report.

source: kickstarter
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