Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis’ December 6 update focuses on powering up characters faster

Power to the players


If you’ve felt daunted by the prospect of climbing the character and item levels needed to get to some of the juicy new stuff waiting in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, then you might be happy to learn that the MMORPG’s next series of updates starting on Wednesday, December 6th, will mostly focus on helping new and returning players level up faster.

Adjustments planned for the next patch include easier ways to raise battle power, easier to obtain Gold Primm II items, more chances to earn gear, increased rare item drops, and even more opportunities to acquire avatar items to make customization more streamlined. All of these tweaks are being applied in service to help players get closer to level 70 and experience some of the latest campaign updates.

In addition to all of this progression streamlining, December 6th will also kick off a “2.5th Anniversary Campaign” that opens up infinite salon use, increases genesis point drop rates, hands out login rewards, and gives characters that reach Chapter 5 of the main story a bunch of goodies and a nice big stack of currency.

For those who are already entrenched in PSO2:NGS, December 6th will also add the next chapter of story content, improvements to Bouncer weapons, additional Leciel Exploration elements, and more player housing items. Later patches scheduled through December will launch a new season pass, add a new boss fight, kick off a Christmas event, and bring Black Lagoon cosmetics to the MMO’s AC Scratch Tickets. The NGS Headline video below provides more previews and details.

sources: press release, YouTube
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