Nightingale teases 2024 stress test, recaps last playtest, and talks cash shop offerings


Last week saw the gaslamp fantasy survivalbox Nightingale unveil plans for a sizeable stress test at the beginning of 2024, though details were still a bit light in coming. We can now pretty much consider those details a bit more complete thanks to Inflexion’s latest studio update video.

The video states that the studio wants to get as many players in the game as possible in order to see whether its servers stand up or burst into flames, while also noting that this test is completely separate from earlier ones, meaning those who were a part of other tests will need to sign up all over again to join in on the stress test. Additionally, the video confirmed that there are no more regular playtests planned between stress testing and early access, but that could be subject to change. More information is promised in January.

Speaking of earlier tests, the video then talks about last month’s brief playtest session, noting improvements to building, well-received quality-of-life features, and general player delight in the game’s visuals, then discussing a fix to overly aggressive monsters, a reversion to an original hotbar design, and continued clearing of connection problems.

Finally, the video answers some player questions in an FAQ segment, which confirms that realm cards that open portals will not be in a cash shop, reiterates the importance of testing before early access, confirms the upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.3, and points out that maximum party size in a game will be six for balance and performance purposes.

source: YouTube
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