Elder Scrolls Online plans Cyrodiil population cap tests starting December 6


Ideally, a PvP zone is more fun if there are more players to fight in it, which is what is on the table for Elder Scrolls Online when the game will begin testing of population cap raises for the Cyrodiil PvP battlefield.

Testing of population increases will first kick off on Wednesday, December 6th, on the PC EU server, which will begin during prime PvP hours on the server. Assuming all goes well for these initial tests, NA PC players and console players will get their own tests sometime later in the week, with tests promised through December 12th.

In order to encourage people to get into Cyrodiil as much as possible, players will be able to reap double AP rewards, meaning ZeniMax Online Studios gets its wanted test data and PvPers get more points. It’s a win-win overall. Assuming the tests don’t garble the servers, anyway.

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