Diablo IV’s Abattoir of Zir is live just in time for another 40% off sale for the game


Blizzard has released Abattoir of Zir for Diablo IV today as promised, granting new challenges for players who have already finished out their season journey.

“The Abattoir will be the hardest challenge you’ve seen in Season of Blood—the viscera will rain from above as you fight as fast as possible to staunch the Zir’s legions in this pinnacle dungeon,” Blizzard vows. “You will only have 10 minutes to clear enough enemies to summon the final Bloodseekers, and slay them to emerge bloodstained and triumphant. Upon successfully completing each tier of the Abattoir of Zir, you’ll gain a recipe to craft the next tier’s Bloodforged Sigil. Completing the first tier of Abattoir of Zir unlocks the Unique Glyph: Tears of Blood.”

If you’re among those who’s still thinking about picking up the game but hasn’t done so, first of all, tell us why because I understand buying and I understand intentionally not-buying but fence-sitting on this after all this time is interesting! But second of all, Blizzard aims to push you off that fence as the game is back on sale yet again – this time 40% off through December 11th.

Source: Press release, official site, patch notes
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