Kickstarted solarpunk cozy MMO Loftia ends 2023 with 500K followers and an expanded vision


With $1.2 million raised from a Kickstarter campaign and a half-million people following it on social media, Loftia is ending 2023 on a decidedly high note. The dev team took the opportunity to recap the year’s tremendous progress while talking about some of the current projects aimed at bringing this cozy solarpunk MMO to life.

Salvaging is moving forward with the creation of 3D assets to disassemble, a cooking system is being brainstormed, the Hanging Gardens is being fleshed out, and the user interface is under review to make it as “intuitive, functional, and accessible for everyone” while hewing to the solarpunk theme. Another project in the works is whipping up modular building kits that can be reused and customized for rapid housing.

“In its absolute earliest days, Loftia was going to merely be a small, cozy, relaxing game with some cool sustainable technology,” the devs said. “But as we continued to clarify our vision throughout this year, it became evident that there was more to it than that. It’s clear to us now that Loftia should be a home-away-from-home for players.”

Source: Kickstarter
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