Dungeons and Dragons Online confirms ‘at least two new’ class archetypes for 2024


Dungeons and Dragons Online is coming at 2024 hard and hungry with the recent news of a year-long celebration for D&D’s 50th anniversary, a 47-quest pack free giveaway, monthly additions, and a new summer expansion in the works. It’s certainly given the team a lot to talk about in this past Friday’s devstream, which features Producer Amanda Grow.

“Instead of doing a one-and-done celebration, [we thought] we would try to have something cool every month all the way until the next anniversary,” Grow said. “Fifty is a really big milestone, so to me it felt like [it was] something that needed a little bit more umph.”

In addition to recapping the producer’s letter, Grow confirmed that the game will be receiving “at least two” new class archetypes this year. One disappointing bit of news is that SSG is taking a “quick hiatus” from rolling out new hardcore servers and rulesets, although a “redux” event is not out of the question.

Source: YouTube
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