Nightingale preps for early access launch with a FAQ and dev video


Will Victorian survivalbox Nightingale have it all together when it leaps into early access on February 20th? We’re only a few days away from finding out, but in the meanwhile, the studio is beefing up the communication with awaiting adventurers.

Inflexion posted an early access FAQ on The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Twitter with several must-know details. In summary, Nightingale will cost $30, features up to six players adventuring together in a realm, is PC only, now offers a third-person mode, will have official servers but not (initially) private ones, won’t have mods right now, and will offer “partial controller support” at launch.

The studio also put out a dev video to talk about all of the work being done for next week’s release, including feedback from the stress tests and last-minute UI improvements:

Source: Twitter
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