Star Wars The Old Republic releases a teaser trailer for its upcoming lovey-dovey Date Night missions


We’re not sure how many Star Wars: The Old Republic fans had “repeatable cinematic romance missions” on their bingo cards when the MMORPG traded hands to Broadsword, but Date Night missions are most assuredly going to be a thing, and the new feature earned itself a little teaser trailer ahead of its arrival in GU 7.4.1.

In case you missed that prior reporting, Date Night missions will arrive with the next galactic season, letting players enjoy a “cinematic-only scene unique to their partner’s interests” that can be repeated weekly to earn unique rewards. The missions will only start with Lana Beniko, Arcann, Theron Shan, and Koth Vortena, but more are being promised later, with about one to two more missions for other NPCs being added each season.

Players are going to have to wait until March to get to cozy up to their favorite companion (assuming it’s one of the initial four, anyway), but for now there’s a little peek at some of what to expect in the video below.

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