Elite Dangerous plans adjustments to Thargoid Titan system effects as players focus on their next target


Now that Elite: Dangerous players have been emboldened by their first victory against a Thargoid Titan, the fight is moving on to a new target: the Leigong Titan at HIP 8887. However, Frontier Developments is warning players that taking down this second giant death starfish is going to be a bit trickier.

“The community’s success at Taranis was hugely impressive but the remaining Titans will test your coordination,” the studio writes. “They’ll need to be much more vulnerable for your attacks to be effective. It’s time to take back every star system and make that final assault count. Get to work, Commanders.”

While silent tweaks to the Leigong Titan are going on, additional behind-the-scenes tweaks will be made related to a Titan’s effect on star systems, as alert states will automatically end if a Titan is defeated in a system before invasion forces arrive, which should end the difficulty of clearing the state. This change is expected to go into effect this Thursday.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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