Fractured Veil’s latest patch lets players raise some plants in the zombie apocalypse


Old MacDonald now has a farm in zombie apocalypse survivalbox Fractured Veil, as the game’s latest patch will now let players grow some plants, which should be a nice break from all of that zombie killing they might otherwise have to do. Though presumably the zombie killing won’t stop; there’s no easy farm retirement happening for player characters in this one.

The newest update lets players cultivate 20 different plants for food and materials, the seeds for which can either be harvested out in the world or bought from an NPC. There’s also a set of related tools that can be crafted like a composter, a watering can, and a shovel, along with farming-related quests and three new soil type resources to find.

While farming might be the major highlight of the patch, there are other new things for those who don’t want to live in Green Acres: Other additions include zipline travel points across the map, several new recipes, the return of loot to the sewer dungeon (joy), balance adjustments to base raiding with more promised soon, and a lengthy list of fixes. The patch notes offer up all of the organically grown details you could want.

source: Steam
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