Ankama’s Waven is now available in early access for mobile devices

Like this, but more tablet.

Are you reading this on a mobile device right now, like a tablet or your phone? Are you doing so because you believe you have no option but to do so because you can’t be playing Waven right now? Well, good news: The game is now available in early access on mobile devices as well! That means you could, theoretically, be playing it right now. Which is good news for anyone who likes having more substantial gaming options even on a mobile device.

It’s also worth noting that the game is fully cross-platform and doesn’t restrict you in any fashion, so you can go from playing on your phone to your PC and back as it suits your mood and device access. While this may not mean much to you if you would never play a game on your phone, more platforms always means more options, and that’s a good thing.

Waven itself hit early access almost a year ago; it’s the follow-up to Dofus and Wakfu, though unlike its sisters, it’s not a proper MMORPG but rather a multiplayer hero-based tactical card battler.

Source: Twitter
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