Ankama’s Waven has officially entered early access today – and it’s F2P too


Ankama’s new multiplayer title Waven has been a long time coming, but as of today, it’s officially joined the ranks of free-to-play early access games. A follow-up to the studio’s existing MMOs Dofus and Wakfu, Waven isn’t actually an MMORPG but rather a seafaring hero-based tactical card-battler, with all the same bizarre humor as its older siblings.

“In a flooded world where only a few islands have survived the rising waters, you play a seafaring adventurer searching for answers to this great upheaval. Long ago, gods and dragons ruled the world. Today, magic remains… but what of the mythical beings of yesteryear? Embark on the great WAVEN saga and forge your own destiny: choose your character, equip your best spells, and sail from island to island in quest of wealth and glory. Level up your hero and your strategy in this free-to-play tactical multiplayer RPG with unique colourful graphics.

“The early access will start with a short narrative prologue, then dive quickly into the WAVEN adventure with more than 250 quests to complete, 17 destinations to visit, 25 heroes to discover, 90 companions to collect, 300 spells to equip, and many, many more mysteries to discover. Players can face off in PvP in the arena or fight side by side as friends.”

MOP’s own Sam got his hands on the game back in June during Steam’s Next Fest, finding it charming, well balanced between PvE and PvP, and fun in co-op mode.

Launch is still expected with crossplay on PC, Mac, and mobile at the end of 2023, when the main quest and island defense content will finally be complete.

Source: Press release, Steam
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