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Win a Skyforge CBT4 key from Massively OP and Allods Team (All gone now!)

Skyforge’s fourth and final closed beta test begins today, bringing with it two advanced classes, a difficulty toggle, a group finder, and customizable guilds, plus there’s the promise of a future open beta now in the planning stages.

We’ve got 1000 beta keys for this round of testing to give out thanks to the fine folks at, Obsidian, and Allods Team; be one of the first thousand readers to clicky the Mo button below and one of them is all yours!

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Trove plans a stress test event to celebrate the end of beta

Trove is really leaving beta for real, and to celebrate, the developers want players to break the servers tomorrow. If necessary. Ideally, the servers will handle any load without so much as flinching. But the goal is to have a stress test on June 25th, and if you aren’t naturally inclined to flood the game’s servers with login efforts to see how they hold up, you can be motivated to do so via rewards.

Every player who logs in during the end of beta event will receive a Flask Coin to unlock any Flask or Emblem from the game’s store for free, and players at 30+ Mastery will also receive five piñatas to smash open for more goodies. If the stress test does break the servers, you’ll still get your items for the attempt, and if it doesn’t… well, now you have items and a stable game to play. Win-win!


Skyforge will finalize open beta after this week’s test

Skyforge has entered its final beta test, which means that open beta and soft launch is just around the corner. If you’ve been watching the game with interest since its initial announcement, there’s a sense of completeness at its impending launch, and no small measure of satisfaction… but at the same time, we’re not out of the woods yet. There’s still another testing phase to go through, after all, and that means more players putting the game through its paces.

We took the opportunity to ask a few questions of the development team to see how the beta process was going and what elements are still being adjusted. If you’d like to know more about the testing as it’s being run from behind the scenes, read on.

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The Stream Team: Forging ahead in Skyforge’s CBT4 and giving away keys

What? Massively OP’s MJ has more Skyforge beta keys to give away? Yes she does! And now that the fourth closed beta test has opened its doors, she can invite you along as she finally continues her sci-fi adventure there. It’s not as if she needs any special reason to jump back in and show off games — she’ll dive in anyway. Rumor has it that an upcoming zone is a good one. (And by good, we mean one that lets MJ jump over the rails to her death!) Tune in us live at 8:00 p.m. for a chance to win keys to this closed beta test!

What: Skyforge
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

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Latest World of Warships vid shows off US, Japanese battleships

Did you catch the latest World of Warships Naval Academy video that came out this week? If not, we’ve got it for you after the break below. It focuses on American and Japanese battleships in Wargaming’s upcoming World War II action title.

The eight-minute clip gives you a history lesson in terms of real battleship construction and usage, as well as plenty of in-game footage that demonstrates the low speed/high armor/high range characteristics of the US battleship tree and the high speed hulls found throughout the Japanese tree.

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Toram Online offers a class-free mobile experience

The studio behind Izanagi Online is hard at work at another mobile fantasy title that could well be making its way to the west before too long. Japan’s Asobimo is developing Toram Online, which is currently in beta in the region.

While it looks to be a your standard cute anime title, Toram at least is getting out of the standard class rut by offering a more free-form character growth system. Players can mold their avatars by choosing skills and equipping certain types of gear. The title is still growing in beta, having recently added two large maps to the game world.

Toram hasn’t been localized for English-speaking markets yet, but you can still pick up a copy of the beta on both Android and iOS devices if so desired. We’ve got the beta trailer for you after the jump!

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Echo of Soul is now available on Steam with a free gift

There are always those gamers who like to have all of their titles in a neat and tidy Steam library and will patiently wait until a game makes the jump to Valve’s digital distribution platform to play it. If this is you, then Echo of Soul would like to kindly request a place in your line-up — and your heart.

Yesterday, Echo of Soul officially went live on Steam. To celebrate the launch, Aeria Games is gifting all players who pick this up between now and Wednesday night with a free 24-hour Levina’s Blessing item.

Echo of Soul is currently in open beta and has no further wipes planned.


Skyforge hits final closed beta test running

The twilight of Skyforge’s closed beta program is upon us while the dawn of its open beta is just around the corner. The sci-fi action MMO officially began its final CBT, which will run from today until 9:00 a.m. EDT on June 29th.

This fourth closed beta test will include the advanced Knight and Alchemist classes, as well as adventure difficulty selection, a squad adventure group finder, new equipment types and slots, and optimization and stability fixes. Players in CBT4 can for the first time create their own pantheons using the game’s guild system.

Massively OP will be streaming from the closed beta tonight at 8:00 p.m. and giving away Skyforge beta keys, so tune in!

Source: Skyforge, patch notes. Thanks to Kaaz for the tip!


Excessive duping leads to Ark: Survival Evolved wipe

Hundreds of dinosaurs were horrified to learn this week that human invaders in Ark: Survival Evolved weren’t merely eking out an existence on their island but were absolutely dominating it with piles of ill-gotten weapons.

Reports have been coming in concerning a major duping exploit in the early access title. By taking advantage of this loophole, players had been mass producing goods and throwing the balance of the title out of whack.

As a result, Wildcard elected to do a complete wipe on the game’s PvP servers yesterday. “You have our word that we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again,” the studio posted. “It’s extremely painful for us to see you guys being frustrated and upset, we hate this, and it’s not something we want to repeat again, as we’re sure none of you guys do either.”

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Lineage Eternal begins testing with a focus group

After a couple years of development, it’s easy to feel that we’re no closer to Lineage Eternal actually launching. But that’s not true; NCsoft is hard at work, it seems, and the game has just entered focus group testing. It’s not precisely a full beta, but darn it, it’s something. Work with us.

Focus group testing will last until June 26th, with students pulled from Seoul’s Sogang University in the Game Education Center. Said group reportedly contains some foreign students as well to help provide inside before the game’s eventual global release. If you’re not there, though, all you can do is watch and wait, but at least it’s enough to make it clear the game is moving forward.

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Albion Online video explains how it’s bringing back player freedom

Sick of being penned into certain roles and linear progression in MMOs? Albion Online invites you to experience a game where player freedom and choice is king.

In a new introduction video, the Sandbox Interactive team attempts to explain how Albion Online is separate from modern MMO contemporaries by returning to past design ideas for inspiration. The devs talk about how the world invites players to forge their own path and how the player economy is one of the most important aspects of the game.

The video is a good high-level overview of this upcoming fantasy sandbox, so fast-forward through the live-action prologue and then settle in for passionate explanations and exaggerated dev hand gestures. It’s all waiting for you after the break!

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Here are a whole bunch of Black Desert gameplay vids with an English patch

Reddit user asciisyaez has posted a plethora of Black Desert gameplay videos. The footage was captured on the fantasy sandbox’s Korean beta servers, but it makes use of an English translation patch, which comes in handy if you’d like to examine the game’s character creation screens or portions of the interface in detail.

Videos include Witch, Valkyrie, Ranger, and Sorcerer gameplay, as well as a look at creating a Blader. You can click past the cut to see 14 minutes worth of Witch gameplay.

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