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Marvel Heroes releases Blade, teases Danger Room in time for Halloween

Marvel Heroes' 52nd character launches today. The stylish quasi-vampire Blade joins the roster just in time for Halloween along with new costumes for Blade and...

Black Desert will start selling pre-orders soon but won’t be having an open beta

While more closed beta tests will be coming before Black Desert's western launch early next year, Daum Games said that it will...

The Scream Team: Having Halloween nightmares in The Secret World

Halloween has begun in earnest in The Secret World, and MassivelyOP's MJ can't wait to jump in and revel in the experience. This year's mission...

Neverwinter’s Underdark expansion hits PCs on November 17

The eighth expansion for Neverwinter -- Underdark -- will release on November 17th for PC users. Xbox One players will see it...

ARK begins Fear Evolved event

For the next week, ARK: Survival Evolved is no more. Instead, the game has transformed into ARK: Fear Evolved for the Halloween...

The Scream Team: Hanging out in WildStar’s Halloween dungeon

The Shade's Eve celebration is in full swing in WildStar, and part of the festivities include investigating a creepy town and its equally odd...

New Atlas Reactor vid explains the basics

Trion's team tactics game Atlas Reactor has a new video as of tonight. It's a two-minute preview that explains how each turn...

Black Desert gets a new action trailer and some other videos

Does Black Desert's combat make you dizzy? Me neither, but I've heard some people say that, so I had to ask. In any...

Pocket MapleStory launches while Age of Wushu Dynasty preps closed beta

Looking for a mobile fix of your favorite MMOs? There are many possibilities coming down the road, including Age of Wushu Dynasty and...
Brown town.

New video shows off how to get started in Das Tal

If you know nothing else about Das Tal, you know that it's a sprawling open-ended sandbox. (If you didn't know that, well, you...

The Scream Team: Halloween and Haukke Manor in Final Fantasy XIV

Not everything about Halloween has to be dark and spooky; just look at the festive decorations in FFXIV! MassivelyOP's MJ can't help but smile...

Blade & Soul’s western closed beta kicks off tomorrow

NCsoft has announced that Blade & Soul's first western closed beta weekend kicks off tomorrow (October 29th at 1 p.m. EDT). All...

No Man’s Sky is coming out in June 2016

The universe will be yours to explore next summer, as No Man's Sky has been dated for June 2016. While the release date...
What are YOU doing here?!

Take a look at the first planetary combat footage for Elite: Dangerous

In Elite: Dangerous, space is a dangerous place. That's kind of implied right off by the name; it's not called Elite: Everything is...

The Scream Team: Storming EverQuest II’s Nektropos Castle

The time has finally come for MassivelyOP's MJ and the Minions to storm Nektropos Castle! The group has many EverQuest II Heritage Quests that...

Here’s how ZeniMax made Elder Scrolls’ Orsinium

Orsinium is coming to Elder Scrolls Online next month, but you can get an eyeful of it now thanks to a new

Overwatch knocks down the closed beta door

Heroes, suit up: Overwatch's closed beta test for both North America and Europe is now live. While the test for the superhero-themed multiplayer shooter...

Star Trek Online sees a New Dawn

The mirror universe is colliding with our own in Star Trek Online's Season 11, and it's going to get a whole lot worse...

SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire officially launches

"The galaxy as we knew it is gone," a familiar voice says in Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest trailer. And so the latest...
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The Division discusses the effects of weather and lighting

Weather can have a pretty big impact on your day-to-day life, even if it's just the difference between being stuck inside over the course...