New World explains how it handles server and client authority as players agitate for PvP servers

With the myriad bugs that players have been able to unearth over the last month in New World, there have been plenty of assumptions...
Woke up, got out of bed

Habbo Hotel is bringing back the Flash client while the developers work on the Unity version

It's been about a month since Habbo Hotel released its Unity client, a move that basically no one in the community seemed to be all...

Dungeons & Dragons Online launches a new MacOS client

If you're playing Dungeons & Dragons Online on an Apple desktop, you're going to need to change clients. The existing MacOS client for the systems...
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The Daily Grind: Would you like more MMOs to offer browser-based clients?

There was a time when it seemed like the downloadable client was going to be an inevitable casualty of the march of technology. Games...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best login experience?

Here's a funny fact: All I have to do is start singing this tune, and my wife starts feeling the urge to play some...
Longer than it is wide.

EVE Online will discontinue its in-game browser in October

Do you enjoy the option to just read ridiculous stuff on the Internet during the blander periods of EVE Online play? It's hard not...

Perfect World’s Arc platform now offers its own daily quests

Perfect World's Arc platform is getting a big facelift, which is good news for anyone confused by the old layout and navigation, but the...
Fighting the good fight... in really, really ugly armor.

Star Trek Online is discontinuing its Mac client

Star Trek Online is officially discontinuing support of its Mac client. Perfect World says that following the Mac client's recent struggles and the support required...
Once you crank up the gamma, it doesn't look so bad.

Grimdark sandbox Revival plans the wrap-up of its first client stage

Now that we're in February, the holidays are finally behind us all. (Very few people actually get to skip work on Valentine's Day.) That...
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Take a look at RuneScape’s NXT client and the client’s design goals

With 15 years of history under its belt, RuneScape can't help but show its age. But there's a new client on the way, and...