Dungeons & Dragons Online launches a new MacOS client


If you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons Online on an Apple desktop, you’re going to need to change clients. The existing MacOS client for the systems is being replaced with a new Wine-based client when a major update rolls around in October, which will mean the need to download and install a new client. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for the official changeover, as the new client is available to download and install right now if you want to get ahead of the curve.

Players can feel free to install the new client and delete the old one, although this will not be strictly necessary for a little while longer. Still, there’s no loss of character data and getting it installed now could save time when it’s mandatory for logging in, so MacOS users might as well shrug and get the installation changed over now. You know, just get the chore done with earlier.

Source: Official Site; thanks to DDOCentral for the tip!

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Interesting. I wonder if this will work on my Mac-Air? It would be kind of nice to have it for travel and what not.

Oh, and don’t forget kiddies. You don’t load now and you are likely to block and tackle those early bugs for everyone. I’m not against it and may install it myself, but as with all things computer, there is a cost for being first.

Wine? Is this client based on the old Linux Wine client which allowed Windows to run on Linux?


The Apple users will be pleased. There are more than you would think for DDO, based on the forum discussions.

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My take: There is an actual MacOS client for this game? 🙃