Pathfinder Abomination Vaults is a ‘co-op forward’ hack-and-slash ARPG headed to Kickstarter soon

The Pathfinder IP has had some reasonable success in the video game realm with Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, but in...
Sure, all right.

Wayfinder shares updates to movement, combat, and UI while eyeing a late 2023 launch window

With Wayfinder moving closer to its planned closed beta test session on May 10th, you would assume that the multiplayer RPG's next build would...

Former EA and Ubisoft vets form Moon Rover Games to make ‘an ambitious cooperative action game’

Yet another indie studio has formed from the bedrock laid by former big studio vets. Meet Moon Rover Games, a new studio based in...

Splatoon 3’s new Eggstra Work event has inklings working even longer

If you thought your Splatoon 3 inkling's job already was rough, it's about to get rougher in the upcoming event, and no, this isn't another...
Oh deer.

Donkey Crew announces new survival game Bellwright as Last Oasis begins fourth year of early access

You know how it goes. You're enjoying a normal one, just chilling and vibing, and then suddenly the constabulary shows up all, "uh, so...

Palia continues to have no release date but thanks players for their support in a brief video

MMO fans who have been looking wistfully in the direction of Palia for word of the game opening its cozy universe to players are...
Who are you? Why are you here? What is this about?

PAX East 2023: Wayfinder unveils new character, battle pass plans, and April closed beta testing

As we reported before, the co-op rogue-lite title Wayfinder was headed to this year's PAX East for demoing and a panel. That panel has...

Remnant From the Ashes confirms a summer release for its sequel as the original lands on Nintendo Switch

Back in 2020, Remnant: From the Ashes design director John Pearl pondered the potential for a sequel in an interview as the original shooter...

Interview: Century Age of Ashes looks to the future of PvE and balance as Season 2 begins March 21

There are a lot of things changing for the horizon of the co-op and competitive dragon-riding battler Century: Age of Ashes. Players already know...

Dauntless shares plans for more XP banking, early Springtide details, and the Silver Sword quest’s return

The devs of monster slaying multiplayer RPG Dauntless are hard at work on a variety of updates coming down the pike, which were shared...
It's fine, everything is fine, this is fine.

Former Wildstar devs call Wayfinder ‘the second coming’ of the sunsetted MMORPG

Are you excited for Wayfinder? Good for you because it's more fun to like things than to hate on them. You know who else...

Coreborn Nations of the Ultracore offers up its open world co-op survival sandbox to alpha testing March 2

Another survival sandbox is making its way into our radar (and likely part of our list of beta titles). This time we're casting our...

VR multiplayer swordfighter Altair Breaker arrives as a PSVR2 launch title

Now that the PSVR2 headset has arrived to the PlayStation 5 console, there's the question of whether there are games for the platform, and...

Mobile co-op multiplayer RPG Echoes of Mana announces a May 15 sunset

Echoes of Mana is not a game that we've really touched on here but it does fall within our sphere of interest: The mobile...

Destiny 2 outlines a wide swath of ability adjustments arriving in the Lightfall expansion

The abilities of the gun shooting space wizards that are Destiny 2's Guardians will see a whole lot of adjustment when the Lightfall expansion...

Rumbleverse and Knockout City announce sunsets, Back 4 Blood announces maintenance mode

We have an unfortunate trifecta of bad multiplayer gaming news, especially for fans of the battle royale title Rumbleverse, the team-based dodgeball battler Knockout...

Dauntless will let players form bonds with Ramsgate NPCs during this year’s Saint’s Bond Valentine’s event

Do you fawn over Lady Luck? Do you dote on Dr. Priyani? Are you a Moyra stan? Then your unrequited love for these Dauntless...

Aliens Fireteam Elite makes its Cistern map a permanent feature and opens reward pools to all modes

Last time we heard word from Aliens: Fireteam Elite, it released a new vertical map called Cistern complete with holiday-themed rewards for players to...

Dauntless outlines plans for another round of XP, token, and returning seasonal events in latest roadmap

The Twitter account for Dauntless has once again put forth a small roadmap for the next couple of months, providing a quick bird's eye...

Fae Farm debuts a new gameplay trailer that emphasizes cozy activities and a laid-back pace

Before this year's Game Awards, there was a presentation run by Wholesome Games called Wholesome Snack, with an emphasis on cozy, enriching, and distinct...