Jump Ship is a ‘mission-based co-op PvE space adventure’ headed for early access this year


The internet spaceship sub-genre is getting another intriguing-looking game in the form of Jump Ship, a new in-development title from Keepsake Games, an indie founded by several former vets of Coffee Stain, Mojang, and Hazelight for a self-described “mission-based co-op PvE space adventure” for up to four players.

Jump Ship is a co-op multiplayer game in which players will need to work together in order to survive as they operate and repair their ship, scour space debris for resources and battle enemy ships.”

Player teams will need to work together as they travel sectors of a hand-crafted galaxy, taking on missions that can involve ship-to-ship combat, FPS combat, or a mixture of the two. On-foot gameplay looks to be standard shooter fare along with moving materials and items to a ship, while roles aboard a ship involve manning turrets, managing power, and repairing damage or literally putting out fires. After missions are done, players can return to a hangar to upgrade their ship and purchase new equipment.

If all of that sounds familiar, that’s because we covered this one previously back when Keepsake was calling it Hyperspace; clearly development has progressed since June of last year.

Jump Ship is planning an early access release on Steam and Xbox at some point near the end of this year, with the goal of refining the already “solid” gameplay loop with the help of player input. How much that early access will cost isn’t noted, but until then, there’s an explanation trailer that features gameplay footage to scout below.

source: press release
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