Tarisland’s latest beta preview video showcases the male Paladin class


The fact that Tencent’s World of Warcraft-lookalike Tarisland has a Paladin class isn’t a surprise, both because of the source material and because Tarisland has already deep-dived the class’ origins. But the studio has released a new introduction trailer today that ought to help you put a face to the name.

Past lore posts on the Pally make it clear that Pallies are actually divinely inspired elves, favored by the gods to fight baddies and wield holy power and dish out justice. Oh yeah, and they’re good diplomats too. In short, these hybrid characters can fill out a team in multiple roles. It’s just not going to be a groundbreaking kind of character for folks raised on standard western fantasy fare.

Worth noting is that the Pally in the video appears to be male; back in January, Tencent did say it’s working on a female Paladin in its pursuit of gender unlocks in the west, though not all of them will be in for launch. In any case, the new video is below with some Paladin footage to go along with the backstory.

Source: Twitter
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