World of Warcraft lead dev asks for opinions on whether to merge two US PvP realms

All things go, all things go.

If you’re a PvPing player in World of Warcraft – specifically someone who’s on the Faerlina or Benediction servers – then you’ll probably want to pay attention to the musings of senior game producer Tom Ellis, who is seeking some feedback on an idea related to these two PvP realms.

By Ellis’ estimation, both of the realms in question are “fake PvP realms” owing to the fact that both have a faction balance that’s around 99% weighted to one side. The idea is to merge the two realms together into a Season of Discovery-like megarealm in order to create “the spiciest Cata PvP realm to have ever existed.”

However, Ellis does also appreciate that many established players on those servers may leave when faced with balanced PvP, and also clarifies that there are no plans for making the merge happen because doing so would “[rock] the status quo too much.” Even so, he is seeking opinions on the subject, so those who play on those realms may want to put their .02 in one way or the other.

source: Twitter
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